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Annual Membership

Help us make a difference and stay up to date with district events, activities, H&S meetings

and supporting our schools by joining our community.

Puzzle with Join Us as the final puzzle piece

Become a member!

Annual registration for a school year begins July 1st (before school year starts) and ends on June 30th (after school year ends).

Member Name

Enter the member name (parent, guardian, etc of your student in the distrct) and one additional contact name, if desired. 



All memberships come with a Moorestown Home & School calendar that also includes valuable school and community information.  If you choose to receive one, please enter the student information for delivery after school starts.  If you are a community member without a student, please type n/a or choose No Student and contact us for calendar pickup.

Do you want a calendar?

Student Information

Help us understand where your students are.  Check all that apply.

Schools Attended
Lower Elementary Grades
UES Grades
WAMS Grades
MHS Grades

Membership Dues & Donations

Our membership dues are $35.  If this presents a financial hardship, please email rather than complete the form.  All information is held in confidence.


You may also choose to add a donation on top of your dues at this time.

Please note: Our organization utilizes PayPal for processing all payments.  You do NOT need a PayPal account and may use a debit/credit card within PayPal instead.  If you need to pay with another form of payment, contact  Please keep both your PayPal receipt and the MHSA email for your tax records.


Thank you for supporting our students!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Home & School! Please visit us after July 1st for joining us in the next academic school year!  Questions?  Please contact us at

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