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About Our Organization

Our Organization

Moorestown Home and School Association, Inc. is organized and operates as a nonprofit corporation under the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act and is an organization described in Section 501c(3) of the IRS Code as Amended.

Its purpose is to encourage and facilitate a cooperative spirit among parents, staff, administrators, students and the Moorestown community, in order to support, strengthen and enrich the education experiences of students in this district, and to engage in any lawful activity under the laws of the State of New Jersey and under the code of the Township of Moorestown.

Ways We Help

From education to celebration, we raise funds and volunteer our time to enhance and strengthen our schools' experiences!


We fund both educational & fun assemblies for students at all levels, such as Dr. Recess, Art for the Sky, Author Days, Give & Take Jugglers, The Institute for Responsible Online & Cell Phone Communication, and Project Democracy.


We have contributed to hundreds of laptops, iPads, portable iPad charging stations and smart boards over the years, and continue to support our district with technology where it is needed most.


Each year, Moorestown Home & School Association provides five  $1000 scholarships to outgoing,  exceptional seniors based on overall academics, activities, community service, and financial need.

About: Book Fair

Book Fairs

We host four (4) book fairs at all of the elementary schools (UES, George C. Baker, Mary E. Roberts, and South Valley) in both the fall and the spring during the school year!

Playgrounds & Gym

From swinging, spinning, and climbing to new games in gym class, we provide a lot of what students are using during recess and physical education classes!

School Celebrations

Senior Breakfast, Homecoming, Halloween Dance, 8th Grade Dance, 6th Grade Celebration, 5th Grade Carrival, 4th Grade Social, 3rd Grade Dance, and more!


Room Parents

Our room parents plan various parties and activities through the year, help teachers with fun extras for the classrooms, and beyond!

Staff Appreciation

There is no shortage of volunteers when it comes to showing our teachers how much we appreciation them through gifts, teas, luncheons, and love!

Community Service

Turkey & Pies Drive is our most well-known event, benefiting our Moorestown families.  Others include Toys for Tots, Operation Yellow Ribbon, Ronald McDcnald House, No Food Left Behind, Moorestown & surrounding area food banks and more!


Our dedicated team of volunteer parents are at the heart of what we do, utilizing their skills and passion to enrich the experience of all of our students. Meet our Board of Trustees below and contact us if you have questions!


The president of Moorestown Home & School is responsible for overseeing all of activities, fundraising, communications of the district organization. All executive board members and school Chairs roll into this position.

Our Board of Trustees consists of six executive members and six school chairs, representing each of the district schools.

1st VP School Liason

School Liason VP of Moorestown Home & School is responsible for advising and managing the six (6) school chairs: MHS, WAMS, UES, George C. Baker Elementary, Mary E. Roberts Elementary and South Valley Elementary schools.

2nd VP Fundraising

Fundraising VP of Moorestown Home & School is responsible for managing all fundraising efforts for the district organization.

3rd VP Communications

Communications VP of Moorestown

Home & School is responsible for all email notifications, website, social media, and membership.


Secretary of Moorestown Home & School is responsible for all meeting notes and minutes for the Board of Trustees meetings as well as documentation required for the Board.


Treasurer of Moorestown Home & School is responsible for financial matters within the organization. The Treasurer works also manages Ways and Means (fundraising) for managing the budget from year to year.  The treasurer remains in position through the end of fiscal year to close out all accounting.

Moorestown High School (MHS)

Lisa Petriello

William Allen Middle School (WAMS)

Moorestown Upper Elementary School (UES)

George C Baker Elementary School

Mary E Roberts Elementary School

South Valley Elementary School

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